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Eat your greens!

To kick start our series on eating your spinach, here are some of my favorite leafy recipes from my favorite bloggers. Of course this list would not be complete with a little macaroni and cheese. By now, you shouldn’t be surprised.


Baked Crispy Kale (Steamy Kitchen)

Chicken with Orzo, Spinach and Lemon (Cioa Italia)

Spinach, Steak & Artichoke Pasta (Bitchin Camero)

Macaroni and Cheese (The Chef and The Photographer)

Spinach Crust Quiche with Smoked Cheddar (My McDonald Meal)

Spinach & Kimchee Pies (Not Eating Out in New York)

Photo by Jaden Hair


Spinach: An Unexpected Indulgence

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When carefully selected and prepared, spinach has a fresh, crisp texture and slightly bitter taste that are both refreshing and enticing.

Spinach Tortellini Soup

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This easy soup is a great starter for any meal, but also makes a terrific light dinner with a crusty loaf of Italian bread.

Fall Fest: Spinach

Fall is finally here, and we are continuing the fest with spinach — a most unexpected indulgence.

Spicy Artichoke Spinach Dip

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Artichokes and spinach are perfectly paired with pepper jack cheese in this rich and spicy dip — a classic party favorite.

Asparagus & Spinach Soup with Yuzu

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This soup’s bright green color is enhanced by the addition of uncooked spinach at the end of cooking. The tartly contrasting yuzu custard (not shown) adds a sharp yet creamy tanginess to the finish.

O-Hitashi: Mini Spinach Towers

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O-Hitashi is a traditional dish served in Japan. The term refers to any fresh vegetable that has been lightly boiled and made into a salad.