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Welcome to a little piece of digital history.

Once upon a time, a food geek and a chef became BFFs and decided to make history. Well, no, that’s not exactly how it went. The truth is, back in the early 2000s, Jennifer Iannolo was writing gastronomic food musings and Chef Mark Tafoya was making food podcasts, and they decided to put it all together. That turned into everything that’s here, including the Culinary Media Network™ — the world’s first food podcast channel — and they went from concept to launch with 8 shows in 36 hours. They’ve been featured in media around the world for breaking ground in this medium, and this site is now the archive of their global adventures. We apologize for any broken links, as we’re updating more than 2000 posts and pages!

Jennifer Iannolo and Chef Mark Tafoya

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test kitchen

Dossiers, flavor profiles and unexpected pairings from our team of writers and researchers.


Sumptuous recipes from our test kitchen that range from simple to utterly decadent.


From beer to wine to cocktails and mocktails, all around the globe. We had a lot of fun with this part of our adventure!

gilded fork cookbook

A year of dinner parties including beverage pairings and extensive chef notes.


We covered a lot of the planet in a 10-year span. Experience the flavors and sights of street food to fine dining.

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Some of the first food podcasts ever made. Welcome to the archives of Culinary Media Network™!


Here are some tastes and flavors we’re thinking about right now. Enjoy!

  • Sometimes the most pleasurable things in life are also the simplest.

  • This quote has been attributed to Italian director Federico Fellini. However, the source isn’t important — it’s the principle that matters.

  • The combination of cucumbers and yogurt is a classic Balkan and Middle Eastern pairing. Here, we make use of the creaminess and soothing coolness in a chilled summer soup which requires no cooking. Ta

  • Ceviche is more of a method than a recipe, in which the acid of lemons and limes is used to "cook" seafood. Like many classic preparations of the world, there are as many ways to make ceviche as there

  • Oranges tickle our senses with their delightfully refreshing scent, and scream "summer" to our palates.

  • One of the world’s most popular and widely used herbs, cilantro leaves are the leafy projections of coriander seeds.

  • One of the most popular little French cakes, perfect financiers are also one of the most addictive. Beautiful in their simplicity, financiers are typically made from a combination of almonds, powdered

  • Figs have an appeal that is both sensual and earthy. A seemingly simple and even ugly exterior masks a lusciously seductive interior which invites us to consume it with abandon. In fact, figs are said

  • Berries, especially summer berries, are simple: They are meant to be devoured — never savored.

  • Our favorite thing about shrimp is their versatility – one of the reasons why they may have become so popular in America is that they substitute beautifully for other kinds of crustaceans unavailable

  • These hors d’oeuvres are simple to make, but offer a lovely presentation for your entertaining. Seafood and avocado complement each other perfectly, and here they are accented with a touch of dill. Th

  • This colorful salad offers a series of contrasts, from smooth and crunchy textures to tart and sweet flavors.

  • Dill is the perfect herb for any picnic, we believe. The fresh brightness it adds to cold dishes refreshes in the summer months and helps cool the body.

  • Like many of our favorite main ingredients, peaches have a pretty interesting geographic history. First cultivated in China around 4000 years ago, they eventually made it to Persia (now Iran) and the

  • Crispy fennel makes for a great salad. The licorice taste is a great pairing with the sweetness of the oranges and the tangy sourness of zereshk (barberry).

  • It’s amazing how a single food possesses the power to transport a person to ecstasy.