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Culinary Podcast Network™

This is so incredibly cool…chefs with an attitude. I like it! I loved the aggregate feed, which kind of makes it a channel for me. I subscribed immediately!

Adam Curry
Daily Source Code

ReMARKable Palate Podcast

First I have to say, sometimes 5 episodes is not enough to do a review. That was not the case with this podshow. I found myself actually WANTING to hear more from the first episode I heard.

This was one of the best shows regarding food and cooking I have listened to…I don’t need to say anymore other than LISTEN!

My Daily Recipe

Food Philosophy Podcast

I was waiting for the worst and prepared to trudge through…subjects that were going to drone on and almost put me to sleep. Upon hitting play my first impression was Jennifer’s voice. She has a very sultry voice that she uses very well…Jennifer also has a gift for painting a mental picture of whatever she is talking about. You could almost close your eyes and watch her paint a picture in your mind.

My Daily Recipe

The Gilded Fork™

Jennifer Iannolo says, “Gastronomy has always captured a special place in my soul. Though I love to cook, it is the study of food’s cultural and historical impact by which I am consumed.” The blog is where she shares her philosophy, the magazine has recipes, interviews and pictures to inspire you. Sign up for the newsletter ~ it’s a daily infusion of gourmet pleasures for your day.

Debra Weber


You’ve done it to me again. I’m on Atkins at doctor’s orders – and so I usually skip the bread. But after reading your latest issue [March 2005]….

My wife and I were having an after-theatre dinner in the local Uzbek restaurant. It was the first time I tried Uzbek cooking, and I carefully ordered a meal of salad and meat and non-starchy vegetables…[and] the waiter brought out a freshly baked Uzbek bread.

After your influence, the color and warmth were enough to get me to reach for it – it would be harmless, I thought, just to touch it, feel it, well, fondle it, if only I kept my mouth closed. But once I touched it, the firm, only slightly springy crust led me break it and feel the inside. And then, having smelled it, my diet lost – for the evening, anyway.

So the break from Atkins was worth it, for the best bread I ever had. I only do such things on special occasions.

Adam, California


This site makes me salivate. I…am an unashamed culinary hoochie mamma. I cook for my ego, my taste buds and the reaction of others. I love how people respond to a well-cooked meal, and how surprised they are to see a bald meathead looking chap like me churn out quality meals.

I love cooking. I love your site too. It is a gem. Thanks again.

Fraser, New Zealand


Well I just wanted to say WOW!!! what a great site. I had such a great time checking out that it went straight to my favorites…

As soon as I saw the page I felt in a wonderfull mood, me being a involved in restaurant kitchens since I’m 13…nothing gives me greater pleasure than the passion that cooking can get out of me. What for some people is just “cooking” for me is creating art and when I saw this website I saw art, passion and that food for love kind of thing…


Jerry, Florida


I not only want to learn more about how how to cook, but to explore the artistic dimensions and possibilties of food preparation. Culinary arts prove to be a sticking point in debates over esthetics, but sites such as this demonstrate that the term is deserved. The colors, the textures, the skill, the style…flavors of sunshine indeed!

Joe, Philadelphia


Congratulations on a terrific site. I love it! Only problem – every time I browse around here, I get hungry!



Lush and luscious, Gastronomic Meditations* is a celebration of life’s most basic pleasure: good food is even better than good sex. If you doubt my claim, before you argue, click on the hyperlink and then ask yourself which you would rather have tonight. Gastronomic Meditations is perfect.


*Former name of the Gilded Fork (waaaay back when it was Jennifer’s food blog!)

Of course, I’m here because I love food and cooking… primarily because it helps me pick up girls. Just kidding…

Taylor, Indiana

[No he isn’t.]