Our Food Philosophy

Show us a devout food lover, and we’ll show you a committed sensualist.

Few things in life, aside from the obvious, provide the rapture of sensory stimulation evoked by a fine meal — whether it’s as simple as a whiff of cinnamon, or as complex as a multi-layered creation of flavors and aromas that make your head spin.

There have been commentaries published about “food porn” as schtick, where ‘hot’ chefs are celebrated as ‘It’ girls and boys. That’s not why we’re here. Since we launched this site as The Gilded Fork in 2005, we’ve been roaming the planet in search of something more.

For us, the sensual experience is an ethereal one, where food is an intimate subject we approach with utmost sincerity; but the sensuality is equally an intellectual pursuit — the why behind the rapture. And lest we ever take ourselves too seriously, we always like to have fun with it. Fun and lots of sass where applicable.

Rather than spotlight the trendy, we are focusing on the roots of cuisine itself, and celebrating the art of experiencing food, wine and culture via the senses in cooking, in tasting — and in understanding.  In short, we are food philosophers.

We’re glad you’ve joined us on this route of gastronomic exploration and discovery, as we travel the globe in search of what delights us. We hope it delights you too!

Gastronomically yours,

Jennifer & Chef Mark
Co-founders and Chief Bottle Washers

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Photo: Kelly Cline