Roasted Fennel with Lavender & Honey Marinade

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A great marinade for chicken or meat — and equally delicious on roasted vegetables, especially fennel!

Chef Mark’s Quick Bites: Piemonte

A few quick videoblogs from Chef Mark’s trip to Piemonte

Tropical Fruit Salad with Tarragon Cream

A colorfully seductive dish, this light, yet alluring dessert of soft, juicy fruits is perfect for a spring or summer refresher.

A Taste of Honey

Perhaps the greatest singular pleasure of wine for me, should I ever be held at gunpoint and forced to choose one, would be its near magical ability to taste like something entirely different from grape juice.

Mascarpone Brownies with Honey Chocolate Sauce

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We challenged our friends at Baker’s Edge to come up with the ultimate honey and mascarpone combination, and they certainly delivered.

Pork Tenderloin with Asian Honey Glaze

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Be forewarned – the scent of this glaze is incredibly evocative, and it will literally fill your house with a divine smell.

Honeyed Carrot Cake

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There is probably no other cake that we crave and take pleasure in all year long than this moist and dense carrot cake.

Oh Honey, My Sweetness

Honey, thick and luscious, is one of nature’s oldest and most treasured ways to sweeten your life.

Mascarpone Cheesecake with Honeyed Pistachios

Rich and creamy, yet also light and delicate, every bite of this luscious dessert is tantalizing.

Land of Milk & Honey

The combination of milk and honey is one that soothes me aesthetically, and from numerous perspectives. In the philosophical realm, it is the representation of plenty, where life is rich and sweet, and the world is a bountiful garden.

Honey Biscotti

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Excellent served with coffee or as a snack alone, this charming twice-baked cookie is a variation on the classic crispy biscotti.