ReMARKable Palate #228: 2009 in Review

On this week’s show, Jennifer Iannolo joins me once again to talk about the year that was in 2009, and what’s on tap for 2010. We talk about some of the great places we visited and the culinary traditions we learned about, from Peru to Spain, Hawaii, Wales, Scotland and Canada. At the end, we talk about an exciting new venture we’re launching that YOU can have a big impact on!
(Hint: You can see it for yourself at http://academy.culinarymedianetwork.com)

Theme Song: “Go Fish”, by Big Money Grip, from the Podsafe Music Network.

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Quick Bites Cotswolds: Afternoon Tea

Jennifer and Chef Mark pop in for a spot of afternoon tea at the Lower Slaughter Manor

Quick Bites Cotswolds: Stroud Brewery

Jennifer and Chef Mark enjoy a tour of the Stroud Brewery in the Cotswolds (7 a few sips!)

RP218: Stroud Brewery

We speak with Greg Pilley of the Stroud Brewery in the Thrupp District of Gloucestershire

RP215: Rob Rees, The Cotswold Chef

Chef Rob Rees, “The Cotswold Chef” is a champion for the foods of this adorable region in the UK.