Quick Bites: Picarones at Peru’s Mistura Festival

by Jennifer Iannolo

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Whilst I was running amok at Peru’s La Mistura culinary festival, I grabbed Chef Maricel Presilla to help me learn the secrets of picarones, a fried dough dessert that had me addicted from the first bite. Every culture seems to have a fried dough, and that’s as good as street food gets. I thought from Maricel’s description that these were gluten-free, but alas, they do have flour. This presents a fabulous challenge for me to come up with a substitute — I bet tapioca flour would be ideal. Light and fluffy, and slathered with sugary syrup, picarones are made from sweet potato or squash. You can see a sample recipe here.

A production of the The Gilded Fork.

Travel & accommodations provided by Prom Peru.

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Charlie Strader July 3, 2012 at 3:00 pm

Yummy, thanks for the video! Mistura was great fun.
Apega, the organizers of the gastronomic festival, have announced the dates for 2012’s event for September 7th to the 16th. They announced a larger location this year to accommodate even more people. Mistura 2012 is to be held at the Campo De Marte in downtown Lima. It is very close to the Parque de la Exposicion where it was held last year, and provides 30% more space. The US travel company Explorations has a tour to Peru this September that includes a day at Mistura 2012. http://www.adventuresofdiscovery.com/peru-mistura.html

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