We’re Back!: This Week’s Blog Roundup

by Madeline Shores

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The blog roundup took a little hiatus while we did some renovations. Did you miss it? I know I did. We’re starting off dirty; fast food, wine advice and decadent cake. Don’t judge me.

I’ve noticed many bloggers have a fascination with Taco Bell. Who can blame them? Especially when they recreate the burritos at home. Crunchy Burrito (The Food in my Beard)

The problem with drive-thru is that you have to keep driving. At Sonic, you get to stay. Ten Things I Love About Sonic (The Pioneer Woman) Twitter: @ThePioneerWoman

Even if you’re not serving gluten, be careful of contamination! How to Accommodate a Gluten-Free Dinner Guest: 5 Tips (The Kitchn) Twitter:@TheKitchn

I’m just going to go ahead and say that my alcoholic tendencies are in my genes. Armenians were toasting history before it was history. (The Armenian Kitchen)

Chocolate. Orange. Salted caramel. This couldn’t be any better. Unless it grew money. Chocolate Orange Cake with Salted Caramel Ganache (What’s For Lunch Honey?) Twitter: @MeetaWFLH

Photo: The Food in my Beard

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