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I’m not feeling so great today because I have a cold. It’s a short one about my experience in the fast food industry. I was inspired to talk about this because Mc Donalds hired 50,000 workers in one day at 14,000 outlets. That’s great for the economy but is it good for high schoolers to start out in fast food. I think so. I also touch on the Taco Bell beef law suit Thanks for listening and we’ll see you healthy next week.


We’re Back!: This Week’s Blog Roundup

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The blog roundup took a little hiatus while we did some renovations. Did you miss it? I know I did. We’re starting off dirty; fast food, wine advice and decadent cake. Don’t judge me. I’ve noticed many bloggers have a fascination with Taco Bell. Who can blame them? Especially when they recreate the burritos at […]