Time for Beer and Kraut: This Week’s Blog Roundup

by Kalle Guinn

While Madeline is running amok at Oktoberfest (the real one), she’s sent along a few tidbits so we can play along at home:

Ah, beer, brats, and kraut. I can’t think of anything more German. I’d like to know where September went to, because I sure don’t remember it happening. Could it have been all of the Spaten I’ve been drinking? Probably. Happy Oktoberfest.

Get a napkin to wipe the drool from your chin. Oktoberfest Food

Flaming cheese. Um, yes please. Saganaki, Unflamed Twitter: @procopster

Nothing reminds me more of childhood than cereal mashmallows. Where to Buy 95 Pounds of Cereal Marshmallows, Stat

Baking as a stress reliever. Oh, you do it too. Making Desserts to Keep a Cookbook Going Twitter: @tartinegourmande

Cookbook writing and pork skewers. David Thompson’s Pork Skewers – Busy Times

Photo: Chow.com

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