Okay so maybe this week’s roundup isn’t that far-out, but it sure will make you think about what’s on your plate and in your body. Who doesn’t love food, politics and kimchi all in one place?

If you read my blog, you know I’m very sensitive about breakfast foods. This dish exists in my wildest breakfast dreams. Peameal Bacon and Kimchi Breakfast Muffin (Closet Cooking) Twitter: @ClosetCooking

Gourmet is resurrected, online? Yay or nay? Gourmet Rides Again, Kinda (CHOW) Twitter: @CHOW

A step in the right direction for the USA.  Supreme Court Makes First Ruling on Genetically Engineered Crops (Serious Eats) Twitter: @SeriousEats

Continuing with our no bake and booze themes.  BEERamisu (The Wicked Noodle) Twitter: @TheWickedNoodle

This is why blogs make me gain weight, too. The real reason TV makes you gain weight (Svelte Gourmand) Twitter: @SaraReistadLong

Why don’t you garden?? Survey explores why Americans garden, but not why they don’t (The Ethicurean) Twitter: @Ethicurean

Photo: Closet Cooking