Seeking Smart Food

by Jennifer Iannolo

In many ways, I have given up on television as a form of entertainment — and cooking shows in particular. There is little that seems to catch my interest anymore, as most programming seems to be directed at those with a short attention span and not a whole lot of desire to think.

What saddens me is that cooking shows were the initial impetus for my food inspiration: As a young girl I was enamored with Julia Child and The Frugal Gourmet — they sparked my interest in making magic in the kitchen.  In my young twenties, I was inspired by gastronomic gurus like David Rosengarten, who brought history and intelligence to the equation. Why is there no longer a place for these kinds of shows? Intelligence has been replaced with shortcuts and schtick, and those of us who seek more are left with nothing but an empty yearning for knowledge.

It is time for a return of smart food.

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