Food & Philosophy: The Anthology

by Jennifer Iannolo

I’ve been spending some time in a figurative ivory tower as of late, preparing the draft of my essay for the upcoming anthology Food & Philosophy by Blackwell Publishing, which is part of a trilogy that also includes Beer & Philosophy and Wine & Philosophy.

I’m honored to take part in such a project, as the subject is clearly dear to my heart, and it is gratifying to see that such subjects are being treated seriously and given their due. What most pleases me is that this will not be a dry, academic book — it includes both academics and non, without terminology that would likely compel most people to glaze over.

I’m particularly passionate about the essay I’m crafting — this may come as a huge shock, but I am writing about the connection between food and sensuality, and its expression (or the lack thereof) in our present culture. It is one of the most arduous tasks I’ve yet undertaken, but I’m thoroughly enjoying the process.

Mark will also have an essay in the book, so I’m glad both of our perspectives will be included, and hope Food & Philosophy enjoys great success. We’ll post links when the book comes out in 2007.

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