CPN – Culinary Roundtable #5

by The Gilded Fork

Culinary Roundtable #5: Sweet Indulgences

Welcome to the Culinary Roundtable, a production of the Culinary Podcast Network. Today we’re talking about Sweet Indulgences, and how everyday folks and professional chefs alike reward themselves. This celebration of Sweet Indulgences is brought to you by www.alifemuchweeter.com, the guilt-free indulgence blog. Whether it’s nibbling on chocolate, getting a pedicure, enjoying a glass of fine wine, or some good ole fashioned southern fried chicken, we all have our favorite ways to enjoy our sweet indulgences, and we spoke to a variety of people, from folks on the street, to girlfriends and even professional chefs. So grab YOUR favorite indulgence, sink into a cozy chair, and join us for a guilt free day of pampering, and learn what other people to reward themselves.

For more sweet indulgences and lists of freebies, including free samples of Sweet Simplicity Sweetener, go to www.alifemuchsweeter.com

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The Culinary Roundtable, a production of The Gilded Fork. www.gildedfork.com

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