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CMN – All You Can Eat #45

All You Can Eat #45: James Barber TributeA tribute to the late James Barber, also known as The Urban Peasant. He passed away Nov. 29th at age 84. James was a mentor, colleague, neighbour and friend. I’ll miss him.This episode of All You Can Eat was brought to you in part by Hamilton Beach, makers […]

CMN – All You Can Eat #44

All You Can Eat #44: One Pot Italian Cooking This week on All You Can Eat I welcome Massimo Capra into my ‘Test Kitchen’. Massimo is the author of One Pot Italian Cooking, and the owner of two Toronto Italian restaurants, Mistura and Sopra. In the kitchen, Massimo guided me through his braised rabbit with […]

CMN – All You Can Eat #43

All You Can Eat #43: Two Meatballs You know, there are certain foods in this world that elicit fierce opinions from the people who make them. One such food is…the meatball. Sure, meatballs might not be considered gourmet fare by most people, but every cook or chef has their own recipe, and their recipe is […]

CMN – All You Can Eat #41

All You Can Eat #41: One Smart Cookie This woman is One Smart Cookie! She is Julie Von Rosendaal, and she helps me bake healthier cookies this week on All You Can Eat. Julie has a blog, as well, so if you want to check out what’s going on in her crazy cookie-cutter life, check […]

CMN – All You Can Eat Video #1

All You Can Eat Video #1: Lower East Side Eating Tour Part 3 It’s Part 3 of our eating tour of the Lower East Side, In a first for All You Can Eat, I present a video featuring me and my Culinary Podcast Network colleagues tasting Guss’ Pickles in New York City’s Lower East Side. […]

CPN – All You Can Eat #40

All You Can Eat #40: The Guy Can’t Cook On this episode of All You Can Eat I welcomed Calgary cookbook author Cinda Chavich to my test kitchen. We chatted and I cooked a couple of dishes from her latest book, The Guy Can’t Cook, a super collection of recipes that even the most challenged […]

CPN – All You Can Eat #37

All You Can Eat #37: back Home in Canada I haven’t produced a podcast since May of this year. I was very busy attending a Masters of Food Culture Course at the University of Gastronomic Sciences near Parma, Italy. But now I’m back in Canada, and will be producing podcasts every week. In this podcasts […]

CPN – All You Can Eat #36

All You Can Eat #36: Classic Crete Join me on Cretan mountaintops as I forage for wild greens and follow the cheese process direct from the goat’s udder to the plate. It’s culinary tourism at its finest! The days that you hear about in the documentary parts of the show are prime examples of the […]

CPN – All You Can Eat #35

All You Can Eat #35: Living the 100-Mile Diet Living the 100-Mile Diet, an in-depth interview with two Vancouverites who ate nothing but foods grown or raised within 100 miles of their home for an entire year. At the beginning, it was much harder than they thought! All You Can Eat is brought to you […]

CPN – All You Can Eat #34

All You Can Eat #34: 500-year old Olive Trees This show takes you to a 500-year old olive grove in Puglia, southern Italy. Before you get there I’ll tell you about the origins of the tarantella, take you to a fish market on the docks of Brindisi. Oh, and did I mention the more than […]

CPN – All You Can Eat #33

All You Can Eat #33: Tetra-Pak Wine and Wine Journalism In this show you find out why manufacturers are moving toward putting more wines in tetra-pak boxes and you’ll meet award-winning wine writer Natalie Maclean for tips on how to make your way through a wine shop without getting overwhelmed. Natalie also talks about her […]