All You Can Eat

All You Can Eat #56: Eggs

The Canadian Table was a CBC Radio One special holiday program that aired across Canada on Friday, April 2nd, 2010. The theme is ‘eggs’. From controversial backyard chickens to ‘Canadian Caviar’ made from herring roe, this show covers everything egg from hard-boiled to which came first?
Your program host is Don Genova in Vancouver, with reporter Amy Jo Ehman in Saskatoon.

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AYCE55: Resolution – Eat More Fat!

An interview with Jennifer McLagan, author of “Fat: An Appreciation of A Misunderstood Ingredient”

AYCE54: Kitchen Gadgets 2008

The 2008 edition of our kitchen gadget parade, featuring Fontaine Wong of Ming Wo Cookware.

AYCE53: Crab Expedition

Join Don Genova for a Dungeness Crab expedition to Salt Spring Island and take part in a contest.

AYCE52: I Need A Cocktail!

Solid bartending tips for making the perfect Bloody Caesar and other Clamato-based drinks.

CMN – AYCE51: Clam Digging

All You Can Eat #51: Clam Digging A trip to Salt Spring Island for clam digging with the author of a book about tides, and a visit to a seafood shop with the editor of a new cookbook about shellfish.

CMN – AYCE50: Trail of Crumbs

All You Can Eat #50: Trail of Crumbs Meet Kin Sunee, author of Trail of Crumbs, her story of being abandoned as a child in South Korea, and searching for a sense of her true self through the language of food.

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All You Can Eat #49: Anna Olson Saves the Day Food Network Canada star Anna Olson helps me out of a jam with a quick shopping trip and delicious suggestions for a healthy meal.

CMN – AYCE48: The Last Food For Thought

All You Can Eat #48: The Last Food For Thought In this episode Don provides a retrospective of his CBC Radio column, Food For Thought, which has been canceled after ten years and about 500 episodes.

CMN – AYCE47: Had a Glass 2008

All You Can Eat #47: Had a Glass 2008 In this episode two popular wine writers join me for a stroll through a wine shop looking for values under $20 a bottle. And from the archives, the resurgence of the slow cooker or crockpot., food podcast, Don Genova, wine, slow cookers, All You Can […]

CMN – All You Can Eat #46

All You Can Eat #46: Kitchen Gadgets 2007 Gadgets, knives, blenders and more! Advice on kitchen gifts for the foodie in your family. Fontaine Wong from Ming Wo Cookware in Vancouver is my guide. And if you can’t find these things where you live, she’ll be happy to mail order them for you. When you […]