Fresh Friday: This Week’s Blog Roundup

by Madeline Shores

This time of year, my garden and the farmers markets are filled with fresh produce. What have you been inspired to make with fresh ingredients this week?

Is your table overflowing with tomatoes? Try this! Baked Summer Tomatoes (fresh365) Twitter: @fresh365

I don’t eat potato salad at picnics because it’s just too boring. I’d eat this, though!! Feta-Caper Potato Salad (Coconut & Lime) Twitter: @CoconutAndLime

These might be my ultimate fantasy food. ZOMG: Pastrami Cheese Fries from Ken and Zuke’s (Serious Eats) Twitter: @SeriousEats

What does your location say about your waistline? Hey Fatty, Drop That Dish and Move Away from the Restaurant (CHOW) Twitter: @CHOW

This week, the literary world lost an icon who also loved to eat. Bourdain puts it best.The Original (Goodbye Splendor) (Anthony Bourdain’s Blog) Twitter: @NoReservations

Need some delicious beach reads? Look no further. The Fiction of Food: Good Reads (Gherkins & Tomatoes) Twitter: @cbertel

Five dollar foot long….cheeseburger? WTFood? Foot-Long Cheeseburgers (Food2) Twitter: @Food2

Photo: Fresh365

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