CPN – Eat Feed #48

by The Gilded Fork

Eat Feed #48: The Secret Life of Gelatin

Anne reveals her favorite culinary heresies and tries to start a gelatin revolution, including recipes for Molded Vanilla Cream with Berry Compote and Mocha Gelatin Pots. Lynn Belluscio, the director of the Jell-o Museum, reveals the 19th-century origins of Jell-o, surprises us with horseradish and celery Jell-o, and explains how gelatin was transformed from an expensive food for wealthy Victorians to any everyday child’s treat. Ivan Day, food historian and host of the Historic Food site, explains how early gelatin was made, describes a wealth of fantastic and fanciful jellies from the Middle Ages to the 18th century, and shares his favorite gelatin dishes, including champagne jelly.

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