As we like to say, “It’s always cocktail hour somewhere.” This tasty collection of libations comes from both our test kitchen and flavor impressionist Damian Sim of Provocachic (TM). Happy sipping!

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The flavors and fragrances of this champagne are elegant and timeless, with a generous hint of spice, echoing the flavors of a mulled wine. The spiced syrup can be made well in advance, and its flavors will intensify as it rests.

Yields enough syrup for one bottle of champagne or sparkling wine


4 cups apple or white grape juice
1 teaspoon whole cloves, crushed
1 teaspoon crystallized ginger, chopped
½ teaspoon allspice berries, crushed
2 tablespoons orange zest, pith completely removed
¼ of one whole vanilla bean, left intact

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Fields of Gold Cocktail

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A heavy cocktail, much like a hearty soup, was created to the tune of the festive season.

Summer in the Woods Cocktail

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Imagine buttered pan-seared pineapple, warm as a garnish, and chilled as juice in a sensuous champagne coupe. Oh my, yes.

Ever After Cocktail

Thumbnail image for Ever After Cocktail

Love — and rosemary — are timeless. Savor the unique characteristics of both in this sumptuous cocktail.

Cocktails, Anyone?

Thumbnail image for Cocktails, Anyone?

The origin of the term “cocktail” itself is rife with rumor and speculation, so we’ll leave that to the drink historians.

Surreal Cocktail

Thumbnail image for Surreal Cocktail

Discover sensations that are familiar yet surprising, with flavors of coffee and orange blossom juxtaposed with cucumber.

Gaia Cocktail

Thumbnail image for Gaia Cocktail

Named after Mother Earth, this unique pecan cocktail is led by a most refreshing combination of lemongrass and Hoegaarden white beer.

A Spanish Twist on Holiday Egg Nog

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Contemporary versions of a holiday classic. Drink up!

Theobroma Chocolate Cocktail

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Restore harmony with nature, and celebrate rituals to slow down the modern pace of life with this nourishing potion of dark Criollo chocolate.

Fizzy Ginger Virgin Cocktail

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Sometimes a virgin is just what is called for. Especially in the heat.

Magic Carousel Cocktail

Thumbnail image for Magic Carousel Cocktail

Savor the complexity and subtlety of this cocktail, like a deep misty magical forest.

Cocktail: Love & Honor

Thumbnail image for Cocktail: Love & Honor

Love & Honor exudes powerful emotions under a veil of understated composure…

Margaritas Two Ways

Thumbnail image for Margaritas Two Ways

In honor of National Tequila Day, we encourage you to do your part to support this fine libation.