As we like to say, “It’s always cocktail hour somewhere.” This tasty collection of libations comes from both our test kitchen and flavor impressionist Damian Sim of Provocachic (TM). Happy sipping!

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Cocktail: Love & Honor

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Love & Honor exudes powerful emotions under a veil of understated composure…

Margaritas Two Ways

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In honor of National Tequila Day, we encourage you to do your part to support this fine libation.

Vanilla Sea Cocktail

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The aroma of the sage leaves teases the rich flavors in this cocktail – a light yet provocative experience.

Epiphany Cocktail

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This cocktail embraces a respect for the simple harmony between lemon and raw salmon.

Blood Brothers Cocktail

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An evocative potion of blood oranges and Agavero, the tequila liqueur.

Secret Garden Cocktail

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Inspired by the Persian paradise, earthy elements of beech ‘honeydew’ honey and rhum agricole frolic with sweet basil and lovely lemongrass in this elixir.

Lemongrass Champagne Mojito

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Inspired by the classic mojito, subtle and elegant touches such as organic lemongrass and vanilla add a twist to this classic.

Embrace: A Valentine Cocktail

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Relive the traditions of eggs once given as a token of affection in this sensuous Advocaat liqueur creation.

Love Potion: Family Edition

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Petite but strong, the sweet raspberry notes come to the forefront in this martini-style whiskey cocktail.

Garden Temptations Cocktail

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This cocktail is an epicurean experience designed with figs in mind, inspired by their mention in the Garden of Eden.

Provocachic™ Lychee Martini

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With an illustrious recorded history going as far back as 1059 A.D. in China, the lychee fruit is symbolic of both royalty and love.