Finally Friday: This Week’s Blog Roundup

by Madeline Shores

This week, we celebrated Canada Day. Hug your favorite Canadian or have your favorite Canadian treat! I did both. Mmm, poutine.

Can we say summer Sex on a Plate? Fresh Fig and Banana Milkshake (Pinch My Salt) Twitter: @PinchMySalt

I’ll occasionally leave a bad tip, but should I be called out on the internet? Bad Tipper Called Out On Twitter (The Wandering Foodie) Twitter: @H18

This is like a cross between my two loves: cheese and seeds.  Seeded Cheesey Scone Ring (Tenina) Twitter: @Tenina

I can’t imagine life without a compost pile. How to Start Your Own Compost (Serious Eats) Twitter: @SeriousEats

Hate throwing out lemons? Here’s your fix.  Roasted Lemon Zest Powder (Chocolate & Zucchini) Twitter: @Clotildenet

Well, I’d pork him too. President Obama And The Presidential Hams (Obama Foodorama) Twitter: @ObamaFoodorama

Photo: Pinch My Salt

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