Where’s the Party?

Where’s the Party?

We have officially crossed the two-year marker, and with that we have lots to toast and celebrate. (For the record, we are inclined to celebrate whatever, whenever, but we have a whole laundry list of reasons to do so this month, and we shall take advantage of every last one.)

Of course, February is a special month in the Gilded Fork house for more than just birthdays (Chef Mark celebrated his last week): It’s also the one month when sensuality is treated with the attention it should be shown in our daily lives. We can thank Saint Valentine that we have at least this month to revel in it, but as you well know, my personal mission is to see it become part of the everyday.

As you might have noted, we’ve kicked off the month with several odes to the ideal of sensual seduction, from a romantic Valentine’s Day scenario for eager, non-cooking bachelors to an ode to sensual cooking. Incidentally, it’s interesting to see that my show on the Art of Seduction has gotten tens of thousands of downloads – could it be that you bachelors are listening? If so, my mission is working! May there be many a happy Valentine in this season of love. I’ve also enlisted the help of my accomplice, Chef Jean-Louis Gerin, to deliver some spicy chocolates (and body paint). By the way, those chocolates are of course available in the boutique, along with our other Valentine’s Day gifts.

Building upon the theme of fertility and vitality, we’ve chosen our ingredients very carefully this month. Eggs are the most obvious choice for our Main Ingredient, and what we especially love is their versatility, as they can nourish us in a spectrum including everything from omelets to meringues and zabaglione. Our Indulgence will turn our palates toward tea, that symbol of vitality and energy. The healthful and cleansing properties of tea cannot be matched in the beverage world, so we have been happy to experiment in our test kitchen; in fact, I have allocated one burner on the stove specifically for Chai creations.

We also couldn’t forget to take a taste of the sassy south, so this month’s Mise en Place menu features a Mardi Gras celebration with spicy and sweet flavors. Get a little taste of the Big Easy in your own house and finish it with the famous tri-colored King Cake crafted by our Pastry Princess.

Lastly, let us not forget that our focus on learning this year stems from a desire not only to expand our own culinary horizons, but also to encourage you to take the journey along with us. I’ve just posted my first virtual wine lesson on Food Philosophy featuring Rosina Tinari Wilson from Wine X magazine, so come and enjoy a little Pinot Noir with us. You might discover – as I did – that those elusive taste terms like “cherry” and “moss” are not so far out of reach. These lessons will continue throughout the year as I step away from the “newbie” world of wine to what I hope is one of a seasoned taster.

Let’s enjoy this month of love as we savor the journey together.