What’s The Oldest Item In Your Fridge?

by Kalle Guinn

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This week’s Test Kitchen Tuesday involves the…unsavory things in your refrigerator. Oh my, yes.

It’s sticky and it barely comes out of the bottle. It might be growing a small mold garden. We’ve all done it. Something we planned on using gets stuck in the back of the fridge or pushed aside for years in the redwood forest of condiments we keep in the side door. Cheese doesn’t keep well loosely wrapped in foil, but we didn’t have much motivation to properly wrap up after that dinner party and who knows how many glasses of wine.

In the spirit of the New Year and throwing out the old, we dare you to show us the oldest item in your refrigerator! Please, entertain us with a photo of your sour cream from the middle of the last decade. We’d also accept a carbon dating estimate for your moldy what-used-to-be-food substance. The proud and brave owner of the most impressively old item will win a Gilded Fork: Entertaining at Home cookbook. And a reminder to clean out the fridge.


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