Wanted: Smart People

by Jennifer Iannolo

Does this mean you? If so, then hey, call us — we’re fun people to work with (unless we’ve had too much coffee).

In case you’re wondering what’s in it for you, we’ll just add that our past interns have gone on to some pretty cool gigs, including the post as our own food editor, a restaurant critic for a major newspaper, and Eric Ripert’s pastry chef in Philadelphia. Who might you turn out to be?

Application Deadline: October 8

If you want to build up your editing portfolio, we’ve visited some pretty fabulous locations around the world, and need assistance putting together our video series for those.

This internship is great if you are a budding filmmaker, communications student, experienced videographer or editor who wants to branch out into the travel, lifestyle and culinary fields. These videos will be great for your portfolio, and hey, you might even do a better job than us. We’ll also be needing paid help for our consulting clients and Chef Mark’s smallbusinessvideo.com, and we’ll resource those freelancers from our group of interns first.

The position requires working knowledge of editing basics and Final Cut Pro. And while it would be great if you were in New York City, we can work with you from any location to which delivery is possible.

Please send a cover letter and links to video samples no later than October 8 to chefmark [at] gildedfork [dot] com.

Application Deadline: October 8

We are launching a new version of our site this fall, including a virtual test kitchen, so we are putting together a team of research interns to assist our editorial team. This is an ideal internship for people eager to gain experience in food writing while expanding their culinary knowledge.

The primary focus of this position is to pull together solid research on various types of ingredients for our test kitchen dossiers (see examples in our Ingredients section). We require someone with demonstrated research skills, conscientious attention to detail and information sourcing (in other words, we don’t want copied Wikipedia entries).

Please send writing samples and a cover letter no later than October 8 to madeline [at] gildedfork [dot] com.


We are a virtual company (meaning the company is real, the “office building” is not), so our internships can be done from anywhere. We’re in NYC, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Nebraska and Toronto, so yeah, we make that work. As a result, we’re looking for self-directed people who thrive on pursuing a project with minimal oversight. Our internships are unpaid at this time, but if you are eager to work with a passionate group of gourmands who are happy to mentor you, and where you won’t have to make coffee or spend the day in front of the copier, this could very well be the place for you.

We are looking for dedicated, professional, energetic people for whom the pursuit of excellence is standard operating procedure. A sense of humor bordering on salacious is also helpful.

Where required, we are happy to provide any necessary paperwork for college/university approval or credit.

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