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You can make this dish with either of the sauces or both for a nice visual and taste bud treat. We used free-range veal here, as the cook in charge (in this case our talented photographer Kelly Cline) is convinced it has more flavor while remaining succulent. You can also substitute chicken breast in this recipe.

Serves 4


For the roulade:
1-lb. veal cutlet (ask the butcher to cut it about 5/8″ thick from a whole top round)
Two pinches sea salt, finely ground
3 Leek Leaves, opened with the green tops cut off, softened in warm salt water
1 cup Wild Rice with Leeks and Portabello Mushrooms (recipe below)
2 tablespoons melted butter
½ cup fresh chervil, finely chopped

For the sauces:
Savory Chocolate Gravy (recipe below)
Creamy Leek Sauce (recipe below)

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Chocolate: The Sweetest Indulgence. Or Not.

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Chocolate has been touted as an aphrodisiac for many a century, on many a continent. While there is likely some truth to the legend, perhaps much of it is a fanciful excuse for treating ourselves to this decadent taste of heaven, savory or sweet.

Savory Chocolate

by Donna Marie Zotter Chocolate. A new tool in your repast repertoire. Gastronomically speaking, chocolate is typically thought of as the centerpiece for our classically rich and decadent desserts. But recently, and with great success, popular chefs have started using chocolate as the key ingredient to elevate flavors and transform many savory dishes. Because it […]