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Now that you have cleaned out your refrigerator and organized your cookbook collection, the obvious next challenge is to tackle that massive junk drawer of kitchen gadgets that are all tangled together and wrapped in a bundle of probe thermometer cord. You’re always looking for something in there, but can never find it. It’s doubtful that you’ve even seen this thing in the past five years. Maybe it’s time to get a new vegetable peeler that isn’t from the year the Wheel of Fortune debuted on network television (someone please explain how that show has been on since 1975)? And where did all of those crumbs come from?

But we want to know, what is your favorite kitchen gadget and why? Oh, and did we mention that it must rhyme? Share your love sonnet (Valentine’s Day is right around the corner) to your favorite kitchen gadget below by adding a comment and it could win you a shiny, brand-spanking-new Edge Brownie Pan from Baker’s Edge. Because we know nothing else will fit in that overflowing gadget drawer of yours. What better way to celebrate Single’s Awareness Day than a pan of brownies all to yourself?

Dear zester, you make me swoon…I could zest with you all afternoon…


How Enormous Is Your Cookbook Collection?

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Our next Test Kitchen Tuesday contest involves a chance to show us your stuff. Let us have a peek at your treasure trove of cookbooks. Contest ends January 31, so hop to it!