CMN Academy: Knife Skills 101 Video Course

CMN Academy: Knife Skills 101 Video Course

The first full video course in the Cooking With Chef Mark series. Knife Skills 101 is an 8 episode series, showing you how to select a knife, keep it sharp, and cut safely. Chef Mark’s sure-fire technique will keep you from cutting yourself! Learn to chop, slice dice, mince, brunoise, and chiffonade herbs, peppers, onions, mushrooms, carrots, and garlic.

Here’s a 2 minute preview of what you’ll learn in the 8 lesson Knife Skills 101 series totaling more than 45 minutes of instruction:

A private cooking lesson with Chef Mark would cost you several hundred dollars, but we’re offering this class at the introductory price of $45!

The Culinary Media Network Academy is the place where we delve deeper into cooking & lifestyle fundamentals and how-tos, so we’re excited to launch this online school to help you master those skills and take you to the next level of cooking and entertaining.

Lesson 1: Knife Basics & Sharpening
Lesson 2: Knife Safety & Cutting Peppers
Lesson 3: Julienne Carrots
Lesson 4: Dicing Onions
Lesson 5: Cutting Root Vegetables
Lesson 6: Chiffonade of Herbs
Lesson 7: Slicing Mushrooms
Lesson 8: Mincing Garlic

Register for Knife Skills 101 now at The Culinary Media Network Academy: