Chef Mark’s Quick Bites: Fancy Food Show Day 1

by Chef Mark Tafoya

It’s one of the events that I look forward to every year, like Memorial Day or the first week of my CSA, The NASFT Fancy Food Show is one of the highlights of the summer in New York. This is the 55th Annual Summer Fancy Food Show, and despite the downturn in the economy, this is the second largest show ever. It’s the food world’s debutante ball, as thousands of specialty food companies show off their newest products as well as their old favorites, to retailers and restaurateurs from around the country. Luckily, they do allow people from the food press to attend as well, and I get some of my best content there every year.

Since I’ve been bringing you my “Quick Bites” lately, short videos shot with my handheld Creative Vado camera, I figured I would do a post each day of the show to share with you my “Quick Picks”, those products or people that I find interesting. This is by no means exhaustive, nor representative of the thousands of exhibitors at the show, just a few of the standouts that caught my eye and my camera, and those that are short enough to include in a quick show.

This the 5th year that I’ve been coming to the show, and while there are many faces, products, and countries that are familiar by now, there are always surprises, and discoveries to be found, even from the old standbys.

As always I’ll have more videos to share as well as audio for my ReMARKable Palate Podcast, with more in depth interviews of some of the people and food stories that I find fascinating.

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