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by The Gilded Fork

Fast Company magazine has featured the ReMARKable Palate Podcast as one of the “12 podcasts you should be listening to“, and included me in one of their distinctive Fast Company slideshows. I’m honored to be counted among BBC’s Digital Planet, Uncensored Blues, Robert Scoble’s Scobleshow, Harvard Business Review’s Ideacast, and Doctor’s Without Borders.

12 Podcasts for the Creative Class

Here are 12 must-listen-to podcasts for creative knowledge workers–those entrepreneurial spirits who start and staff the most innovative, fast-growing companies.

The creative class — the nebulous, but much bally-hooed, demographic made up of knowledge workers, intellectuals, and artists — constitutes an increasing portion of the American workforce. Social scientist Richard Florida, who gave the group its moniker, sees the rise of the creative class as a powerful force that is shaping the economies of post-industrial cities. Yet, today many members of the creative class can live and work anywhere, thanks to home-office technology and the Internet. Working as freelancers, researchers, or in Internet-related fields, the creative class is spreading beyond communities, like Austin or Seattle, that are typically associated with the demographic. Whether they live in Ellsworth, Maine, or Peoria, Illinois, creative professionals still look for ways to satisfy their artistic and technological interests. In towns without Universities or symphonies, the creative class can now go online to find intellectual and cultural enrichment. Here are twelve podcasts designed for the eclectic tastes of the creative class:

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For the chef: ReMARKable Palate

This podcast, part of the Gilded Fork’s Culinary Podcast Network, is hosted by personal chef Mark C. Tafoya. Besides sharing recipes, Tafoya interviews chefs, food writers, and gourmets, and takes listeners behind the scenes of popular restaurants.

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