ReMARKable Palate

ReMARKable Palate #242: The Alta Cucina Society & Garofalo Pasta

Chef Mark samples pasta at the Alta Cucina Society in New York City

ReMARKable Palate #241: The Six O’Clock Scramble To The Rescue

Chef Mark chats with Aviva Goldfarb about avoiding that Six O’Clock Scramble

RP240: More Spanish Wines from Alimentaria

More from Chef Mark’s trip to Barcelona for the Alimentaria Show

CMN Travels Catalunya: Exploring La Boqueria, Pt 1

Thumbnail image for CMN Travels Catalunya: Exploring La Boqueria, Pt 1

Chef Mark gets a tour of La Boqueria Market in Barcelona from expert travel writer George Semler

RP239: Cheese & Sake Pairing with The Cheese Impresario

A unique podcast: Cheese & Sake pairing with The Cheese Impresario

RP238: Barcelona & Social Media with

Chef Mark chats about his trip to Barcelona with Ryan and Gabriella from

RP237: Finger Lakes Wines with Steve Shaw

Winemaker Steve Shaw talks to us about the wines of the Finger Lakes

RP236: The Wines of Manchuela

This week, we speak about the D.O. wines of the Manchuela region of Spain

CMN Academy: Knife Skills 101 Video Course

The first video course in our CMN Academy Series is now live!

RP235: The Flexitarian Diet

Dawn Jackson Blatner, author of The Flexitarian Diet, shares some “pro-plant” tips

RP234: In The Kitchen Cooking School

Chef Mark speaks with Kathy Gold from In The Kitchen Cooking School