Ingredient Profiles

A meal without cheese is like a beautiful woman with only one eye. - Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin Foodstuff: Cheese Types of Presentation: The cheese board or cheese course Description Rather than highlight one specific cheese for this month’s Indulgence, we decided to focus on the cheese board or course as an integral part of the meal. We are huge fans of the added elegance a selection of cheeses brings to both casual and formal dining; in fact, there are times when dinner for us is just that, along with some accompaniments and a nice bottle of wine. Of course, since we are such enthusiasts of artisanal cheeses, the cheese course presents an opportunity for us to explore our discoveries with friends, as well as find new combinations for the palate. Cheese can be served either on a cheese board or as its own course as follows: Cheese board When served as part of a buffet or family-style meal, the cheese board offers a selection of tastes to complement or enhance the other dishes being served. The board is passed along with other dishes and can be left in the center of the table for continued sampling. It’s also an elegant and easy to prepare part of an hors d’oeuvre party. Cheese course When served as a separate course, a selection of cheeses provides a brief repose in the meal for guests to indulge their palates, and can even can take the place of dessert for those who prefer a savory finish. Presenting a selection of varied cheeses gives guests a chance to experience a progression of flavors in one course. As an example: Brillat-Savarin, Campo Montalban with membrillo, Speziato al tartufo and Stilton.