Bastille Day Dinner Party

Bastille Day Dinner Party

Vive la revolution! For those who are Francophiles, there is no better excuse to throw a dinner party than to celebrate the culture that brought us pommes frites, Champagne and crème brûlée. Gather your friends round the table for a toast to les français (Le Marseillaise performance optional).

Classic French flavors are offered with a Gilded twist in a salute to our culinary forefathers.


Foie Gras Terrine with Mulled Plums and Gingered Pears
Suggested wine pairing: Dry rosé Champagne (see notes on wine pairings below)




Raspberry Soufflé
Suggested wine pairing: Demi-sec Champagne


Intrepid wine-pairing dude Lenn Thompson from has offered the suggestions below for this month’s menu:

Foie Gras with Mulled Plums and Gingered Pears

Suggested pairing: Dry rosé Champagne

Reasoning: Most people automatically think Sauternes when they hear foie gras, but who wants to drink Sauternes at the beginning of a celebratory meal? Instead, think dry rosé Champagne, which will dance in the mouth and balance the foie’s richness. Plus bubbly means celebration, right? Another, perhaps more interesting option, would be an Alsatian gewurztraminer, which should play nicely with the gingered pears and have good acidity.

Sautéed Duck Breast with Green Peppercorn & Morel Sauce

Suggested pairing: Red Burgundy

Reasoning: This one is easy. Drink red Burgundy — it has it all. Subtle spice will pair with the peppercorns, earthiness with the morels, and the wine’s acidity and velvety texture will accent the cream sauce, with subtle cherry and red fruit to complement the duck itself. Plus, it will pair well with the asparagus — a notoriously difficult food to pair with wine.

Raspberry Soufflé

Suggested pairing: Demi-sec Champagne

Reasoning: Again, this is a celebration, so why not uncork a demi-sec Champagne? I like sparkling wine with any custard dessert, and a little sweetness will go a long way here.