Video: Fun with Fondue in Zurich

by The Gilded Fork

CMN Video: Fun with Fondue in Zurich

Jennifer and Chef Mark have fun with fondue and raclette at the world famous Adler Swiss Chuchi Restaurant in Zurich, Switzerland. We learn about the traditions, and what NOT to drink with fondue with our friends from international publications while on a recent trip to Switzerland. Careful not to drop your bread in the cheese!

A production of The Culinary Media Network.

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Michael Doswald May 26, 2009 at 12:57 pm

Dear Jennifer and Mark
Living in Zurich, i am of course a wee bit proud of discovering that you visited “us”. Having a lot of respect for your work and enjoying it a lot, i was quite surprised, if not a little shocked, that you eat such a deeply swiss speciality in what can only be called a tourist trap. Maybe there were particular reasons for visiting Adler, i don’t know… but if anytime you come back to Zurich, please do contact me! There is Life beyond such poorly molten cheese!

best regards, michael

Chef Mark Tafoya May 26, 2009 at 1:04 pm

Thanks for your comment, Michael. We go where our hosts take us, and the Zurich Tourism hosts scheduled us into the restaurants we visited. This being our first visit to Zurich, we didn’t exactly have the insider info on the absolute best places. That said, we enjoyed ourselves, and as the title says, we had fun with fondue.

I should note that this was during lunch, and as we were leaving, the place was absolutely packed with Swiss people, we were the only “tourists” in the place. I’m sure if you’ve been following our work for some time you must have seen the video we did at Hiltl, which anyone will agree is an amazing place, so it’s not like we were misled about the culinary offerings in Switzerland. We also did a video at the great outdoor Christmas Markets, learning about Gleuwein and Langos. For a 2 day trip, we managed to pack alot in. If we return for a longer trip, perhaps you’ll lead us to some of your favorite places!

-Chef Mark

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