Video: Food Blogger Play Date – Steak Tasting

by Chef Mark Tafoya

CMN Video: Food Blogger Playdate: Steak Tasting

Part 2 of our latest Food Blogger Play Date, where we do a blind tasting of Artisanal steaks from Carrie Oliver of Anu Karwa from Swirl Events brings along some great wines to pair with the beef.

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Originally Published April 2009

  • Chaz

    Carrie is an amazing food person. We met for a drink after one of her tastings and got to talking. After a while the chef at Lily’s came over to chat and mentioned there was some steak left and I got an impromptu tasting.

    It was quite the experience tasting beef with someone who is so passionate about the subject.

  • Chef Mark Tafoya

    YES! Carrie really is passionate about steaks. We’re working on creating an offering that allows people to experience this at home. We’ll have Steak tastings led by Yours Truly and a wine tasting led by Anu and her team at Swirl. If you’re interested, contact

  • Peter

    Having met Carrie in person, she oozes passion when relating her opinions…especially in the realm of beef.

    This exercise, dinner, camaraderie at the table is what it’s all about. Wish I was there!

  • Heidi

    Really great video, kudos to everyone involved! I would love to see more on this topic, different varieties, best grass fed cuts for those on a budget etc.

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