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The torrent of centuries rolling over the human race, has continually brought new perfections, the cause of which, ever active though unseen, is found in the demands made by our senses, which always in their turns demand to be occupied.
Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

When we leave behind our pre-conceived notions of food and drink, and let our senses guide us through the magic, we offer ourselves the opportunity for new insight, new sensations, and even titillation.

Let me put it more simply, in the words of someone who attended one of my dinners:

My whole life, food has been the enemy. In these last few hours, you’ve changed my life.

I invite you to experience food and drink in a new way — as if for the first time — during a very special evening of guided and interactive tasting. You will see, hear, touch, taste and smell your way through an exploration where your senses will be heightened, tickled, tempted, and sated.

With my cohorts, Chef Mark Tafoya and Chef Monica Glass, along with a team of spokesmodels, bartenders and stylists, we have created an interactive food experience that’s a little bit dinner party, a lot interactive fun, and ever-so-sensual.

In other words, you’ll play with your food as we play with your mind.

Tickets are $150 per person and available by invitation only. The location will be revealed the morning of the event, which will take place in Brooklyn. Seating is very limited, so if you are interested in attending, please email jennifer@gildedfork.com and I will arrange to speak with you. See you at the table.

Photo: Kelly Cline


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