Cocktail Hour

Cocktail Hour – Holiday Cachaca Cocktail

We are back at Rayuela on the Lower East Side with The Liquid Chef, Junior Merino. Junior shows us a fun and colorful holiday cocktail using Cachaca and Black Sambuca.

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Cocktail Hour – Absinthe-Cachaca Cocktail

Junior Merino, The Liquid Chef, shows us how to make a cocktail using both Absinthe and Cachaça.

Cocktail Hour – Luscious Tequila Cocktails

Join us in San Francisco as we mix it up a little with Master Mixologist Jacques Bezuidenhout, who shows us some luscious tequila cocktails.

Cocktail Hour – Orange Marga”Tea”ta

Lilia Temple returns to show us how to make a variation on the classic Margarita using orange juice and tea, and she calls it the Orange Marga”Tea”ta.

Cocktail Hour – Sazerac

Mixologist Jonathan Pogash shows us how to make a classic. The official cocktail of New Orleans: The Sazerac.