AYCE55: Resolution – Eat More Fat!

by The Gilded Fork

All You Can Eat 55: Resolution – Eat More Fat!

This podcast contains an interview with Jennifer McLagan, author of Fat: An Appreciation of A Misunderstood Ingredient, with Recipes. There are also plenty of suggestions about how to lead a more sustainable food life in 2009.


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Marsha Hudnall January 8, 2009 at 4:03 pm

Love this podcast! Haven’t read the book yet, but we’ve been encouraging folks to eat more fat for years. It’s really key to being satisfied with what and how much we eat. Ms. McLagan is right to say that eating fat can help keep you thinner.

Further, when talking about ‘eating more,’ we go one step further and say people should also eat more period when they are trying to eat healthy. Too many people equate eating healthy with dieting rules, which leave us hungry when we really need more food to be satisfied. That sets us up for all kinds of problems, the chief of which is probably the undereating/overeating cycle.

I guess what I take out of your podcast more than anything else is our need to change the way we produce our food. The state we’ve gotten to is just awful!

Lastly, I was in Piemonte last year and enjoyed lardo, much to my surprise. Also rendered my own lard this fall from a locally grown pig, although haven’t had the courage to use it yet. Don’t know why not as I grew up on a farm, drinking raw milk, eating butter my grandmother made and foods my mom made using lots of lard. And I’m still around….

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