You Could Eat Off This Floor

by Jennifer Iannolo

Only I would be masochistic enough to lay a new kitchen floor in my mother’s house four days before Christmas, but it simply had to be done. So now my back, butt, and legs hurt, but by god it’s finished and ready for my kitchen clogs.

I hope tomorrow’s pain does not interfere with the food prep, but it will serve as a poignant reminder that I need to spend a little less time at my desk. I’ve had to scale back the recipes a bit due to some hemming and hawing on the part of The Family (plated dinner has turned into semi-plated), and the side dishes have been an interesting exercise in creativity, as this one doesn’t like broccoli, that one doesn’t like carrots, Thing 1 can’t eat corn, and Thing 2 hates spinach. Oy! Needless to say, I’ve found solutions for all the…beloved family members. Now as long as there are no requests for brown gravy to go with the Chateaubriand I’m making (which will be served with Madeira butter), no one will get hurt.

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