Tiffany Li

Editorial Assistant: Pastry

The kitchen evokes the happiest of memories for Tiffany. Growing up, it was where the excitement lay; sometimes her anticipation to taste the aromas wafting out of the kitchen was almost too much to bear. However, when the moment came to savour the foods, it was like euphoria. Most of the time, she would drift from one cloud to another; from the chatter and laughter of family members to the bountiful dishes. With all of these enriching memories, vivid smells, and wondrous tastes, it was only natural that Tiffany’s pursuits in life are so heavily entwined with food today. She began her own culinary journey as a food columnist, and then took a trip on the apprentice train for awhile as a sous pastry chef, with a layover in teaching and education.

Her adventures lead her here to The Gilded Fork, where she is assisting the Pastry Princess in bringing sugar and smiles to all our lives. For Tiffany, the underlying foundation to all her pursuits is her enjoyment of sharing her edible adventures with others. In addition to playing here with us, she just launched her shiny new blog, The Avid Baker. The world can always use more food porn.