Test Kitchen Tuesday Winner #2!

Test Kitchen Tuesday Winner #2!

You were certainly in the mood to declare your love for your favorite kitchen gadget this February. We were impressed that Jenn was somehow able to work “lemur” into the ode to her veggie steamer. And how can you not love an poem written to the song Rubber Ducky? Thanks, Heidi. Dalyn’s haiku written about chopsticks had perfect form, and apparently our dear readers are obsessed with their ice cream scoops. Let’s just say this was difficult and we loved them all, but we have chosen a winner. The Edge Brownie Pan from Baker’s Edge goes to Paul Adair for the most original kitchen gadget: his hands! The best thing about this gadget is that you don’t have to dig through a row of jam-packed, messy drawers to find it!

Oh my hands they are a chef’s best friend
The cook’s best tools I must defend.
No gadget, wizbang or gizmo
Does what these babies can do, so

Don’t try to sell me a juice extractor
Nor any other form of unitasker
My hands they can form and shape and test
As tools, they simply are the best

So don’t pester me with your steamer
Your press, nutcracker or lemon reamer
No digging through drawers o’er and o’er again
You’ll always find these where your forearms end

Look for another contest coming your way in March with the chance to win more cool stuff! Please keep the photos, comments, and poems coming! We love that you’re playing in our kitchen!