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Port is not for the very young, the vain and the active. It is the comfort of age and the companion of the scholar and the philosopher.
-Evelyn Waugh

Foodstuff: Port Wine

Shortened from Oporto, the city in northwest Portugal from which the wine was originally shipped; from o porto “the port.”

Port wine is a fortified wine made from grapes grown in the Douro Valley region of Portugal. (This is one of the greatest wine rivers in the world, as it also feeds the Ribera del Duero wines that come from farther upriver in Spain.) Also known as Vinho do Porto or Porto, this typically sweet wine is one of our favorite ways to end a meal, whether served with dessert or as an indulgence all on its own. In the kitchen, however, port’s richness lends itself well to enhancing sauces to accompany game meats and other savory dishes – and yes, we’ve been experimenting. Though port is most frequently known as a sweet wine, it can also be found in semi-dry or extra dry varieties – it all depends upon the fermentation process.

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Winter Squash: A Must For Fall

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We love it when the air gets crisp, the leaves crunch under our feet and the fall colors radiate throughout the atmosphere.

Into the Pumpkin Patch

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History, picking and cooking. We’ve got all the important details here — including some ridiculously good recipes to kick off autumn’s splendor.

Spinach: An Unexpected Indulgence

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When carefully selected and prepared, spinach has a fresh, crisp texture and slightly bitter taste that are both refreshing and enticing.

Game Meats: Game for a Taste

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You no longer need to be an avid hunter — or an incredibly adventurous eater — to enjoy the taste of game at your home table.

Pears: Pear-Luscious Autumn

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Crisp. The very word sounds like autumn — the very thought of which sends me clamoring for a kitchen.

Oranges: The Taste of Sunshine

Oranges tickle our senses with their delightfully refreshing scent, and scream “summer” to our palates.

Cilantro: Herb with an Attitude

One of the world’s most popular and widely used herbs, cilantro leaves are the leafy projections of coriander seeds.

Tea Time

There is a permanent burner for the kettle in our test kitchen, but we are not alone in our fandom.

Salmon: In the Pink

Salmon has become one of the most popular fish due to its high protein and low fat levels.

Sensually Satisfying Sage

Naturally, we get a little bit excited about the inviting, fuzzy texture and calming green hue of this wonderful herb.