ReMARKable Palate #171: African Spices & Tea and My Indonesia Trip

This week, it’s a show about Africa. We speak with 2 producers of African products: Remi Aderogba from Winfoods & Spices of Nigeria, and Alexander Kay from Satemwa Tea in Malawi. We learn about some of the special spices from Africa, and about how tea is processed. Then I come back and tell you all about my recent trip to Indonesia.


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FP66: Best. Cookies. Ever.

Thumbnail image for FP66: Best. Cookies. Ever.

These Double Chocolate Chunk Macadamia Nut cookies have quickly become my favorite recipe, concocted from a desire to outdo what I found in the grocery store. These are excellent holiday gifts, my friends — but be sure to keep some for yourself! (What you eat with your fingers doesn’t count.) Don’t forget – use code […]

Spice: Flavors of the Mediterranean

There is more to Mediterranean cuisine than the sunny flavors of Italian, Greek and Provençal cooking.

Harvest Spiced Butter

This combination has incredible flavor, and even more remarkable is that it can be frozen and pulled out for a fast, impressive dinner accoutrement.

Spice Glazed Carrots

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Much like the Cardamom Glazed Carrots we first introduced, this variation is equally sublime, but so much more suited for the autumn.

The Spice Girls

There is nothing so heady and sultry as the right combination of spices; the kind that sends you into an ethereal high of aromatic ecstasy.