Summer Fest: Tomatoes

Summer Fest: Tomatoes

This is our favorite, favorite, favorite week of Summer Fest — and summer in general. For us, tomatoes are like summer lovers we can’t wait to meet each year and renew our steamy affair. We reserve all of our tomato lust for this time of year, as we think there is no other time to eat a tomato than in season. That supermarket baseball variety simply doesn’t work for us.

Our tomato celebration this week includes the following:

More importantly, here are the recipes:

Enjoy these waning days of summer, darlings.

Here’s what our other Summer Fest cohorts are doing this week with stone fruits. Go take a peek and leave a comment or recipe. You can also follow along on Twitter with the hashtag #summerfood.

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More than one way to ripen a tomato

Michelle Buffardi: Cooking Channel’s Devour/The Blog (Scripps)
Easy Summer Tomato Tart

Alison Sickelka: Food2 blog (Scripps)
Heirloom Tomatoes

FN Dish: Food Network
Tyler’s Ultimate Tomato Salads

Healthy Eats: Food Network
Top 10 things to do with summer tomatoes

Cate O’Malley:
A Loaded Bowl (filled with brown rice, Jersey fresh tomatoes, buttery avocados and more deliciousness)

Paige Smith Orloff: The Sister Project
3 substantial, healthy, vegetarian tomatoey main dishes

Diane and Todd: White on Rice Couple
Sun-dried tomatoes (actually dried in the sun!)

Kelly Senyei: Just a Taste
Tomato Jam

Caroline Wright: The Wright Recipes
Savory Tomato Crumble

Caron Golden: San Diego Foodstuff
Chunky Garden Gazpacho with Flowered Corn Tortillas and Melissa Clark’s Tomato Tarte Tatin

Tigress in a Pickle
Over 50 ways to preserve tomatoes in jars

Alana Chernila: Eating from the Ground Up
Roasted Green Salsa (green zebras and tomatillos), and how late August makes her hurt for New Mexico

Judy: Divina Cucina
Tomatoes the Italian Way

Shauna Ahern: Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef
Heirloom Tomato Tart with Parmesan Crust

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Making Peach Jam

Nicole: Pinch My Salt
What to do with slow-roasted tomatoes

Food Network UK
The Seven Deadly Tomato Sins

Marilyn: Simmer Till Done
Cherry Tomato & Maytag Blue Beignets

Each Wednesday for the rest of the summer (and probably longer), a group of blogging friends including those above will swap our recipes and tips about the following harvest-fresh ingredients. Here’s the schedule:

7/28: Cukes ‘n Zukes
8/4: Corn
8/11: Herbs, Greens and Beans
8/18: Stone Fruit
8/25: Tomatoes

We each post something and then link to one another, so that you can travel around the combined effort, gathering the goodies. Sharing makes the experience even better, so if you have a recipe or tip that fits any of our weekly themes, you can do either of the following:

  • Leave a comment on participating blogs with a link to your recipe/tip
  • Publish a post of your own, and grab the juicy Summer Fest 2010 tomato badge (illustrated by Matt Armendariz of Mattbites)

We hope to see you in the kitchen!