Provocachic™ Virgin Colada

Provocachic™ Virgin Colada

A non-alcoholic version of the Puerto Rican Piña Colada cocktail from the 1950s, this version is a deliciously creamy & aromatic alternative to conventional recipes. It is worth a try, even for those not too taken with coconut.

1 serving

1 ounce coconut cream (with Kara as a reference)
3 1/3 ounces pineapple juice (recommended cultivar: Kona Sugarloaf)
5/6 ounce orange juice (recommend pulp-free)
½ ounce caramel syrup
½ ounce orange blossom water
½ inch over-ripe banana (recommended Gros Michel, Cuban Red or Blue Java)
Desiccated coconut, for garnishing the glass

Cocktail Shaker (3-piece)
8 ounce or larger Poco grande/“classic piña colada” glass, for service

Chill all the ingredients and glassware in the refrigerator.

Prepare the garnish rim:
Add a few dashes of grenadine (pomegranate) syrup to a plate of desiccated coconut. Mix well until it reaches the desired color. Leave aside for at least 30 minutes to dry.

With a pineapple wedge, rub the whole outer rim of the glassware. Tilt the outer rim of the glassware into the plate of desiccated coconut, and gently press into the coconut and rotate the rim. Repeat until the whole rim is coated well. If required, use light finger pressure to stick the desiccated coconut onto the rim.

Make the cocktail:
Prepare the fruits and juices fresh if possible, except for the recommended packaged orange juice. Blend all the ingredients well. Place the cocktail ingredients into the shaker.

Top up cocktail shaker (about ¾ full) with ice cubes, preferably with the largest possible ice cubes. Shake & chill cocktail shaker with firm, concise and vigorous strokes until your hands can’t take the cold.

Strain the ingredients into the poco grande glass and fill with fresh ice cubes. Serve immediately.

[Mixologist’s Notes: Alternative garnish: Cookies & Cream chocolate bar. Break a few sections of the chocolate bar into a small container or a small dried coconut husk. You could even use a classic pineapple wedge.]

Copyright © 2006 Provocachic™ and The Gilded Fork, LLC. Recipe and photo by Damian SIM. All rights reserved.

Damian Sim is the resident mixologist for the Gilded Fork and the founder of Provocachic, a cocktail consultancy company based in Singapore. For more cocktail tips and recipes, visit his Provocachic blog.