Preview of Ancient Peruvian Feast

Preview of Ancient Peruvian Feast

If you’ve been following our doings here at CMN for awhile, you know how much we LOVE Peru. We were lucky enough to travel there this past September, and we have lots of great videos from the trip on the way (we PROMISE they’re coming, we’ve been a little busy!).

This past Thursday, I was invited to pop into the kitchen at Guastivino’s to see how Chef John Stevenson is preparing the Archaeological Institute of America’s 2nd annual ancient gala, celebrating the ancient wonders of Peru and the Inca culture.

Chef John worked with the AIA’s team of archaeologists and anthropologists to develop a menu using as many of the indigenous ingredients of the Andes as possible, and in this video, he explains just how challenging that was. Of course, the goal is to develop dishes that will still be tasty and appeal to high-end diners.

If the preceding video got your appetite going, there’s still time to get your tickets to the gala. The 2nd Annual Gala will be held at Guastavino’s on April 28th, 2010 in NYC. Guastavino’s is found in the arcade underneath the 59th Street Bridge. The event will honor Martha and Artemis Joukowsky with the Bandelier Award for Service to Archaeology and will celebrate the many wonders of Peru at this Peruvian themed evening.

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