Michael’s Mango and Other Sultry Fruit

Michael’s Mango and Other Sultry Fruit

My friend Michael Newberry, about whom I’ve blogged before, has a wonderful sense of life that is reflected in the beauty of his paintings. Though he does not often feature food as a subject in his work, I’m happy to say that as of late a couple of pieces have appeared in his gallery (hence proving the validity of my subliminal signals). His pastel, Aura, is a sultry look at a mango lovingly nestled in cloth. As Michael describes it:

“After one look at this mango in real life I wanted to gather it up and cup it in my hands, bring it to my nose and inhale its scent. Taking that feeling and adapting those sensations into pastel was my goal. I love the way the white cloth caressingly surrounds the mango — and the red reminds me of heat, passion.”

Indeed. Michael has recently relocated his studio to New York, where he is doing workshops, tutorials, and all sorts of exploration with the use of light in his work. Do take a moment to look at his online gallery, where he provides insight for each of his works, enabling you to intimately understand his inspiration and get a sense of his intellectual and spiritual approach to art.

I will continue to send those subliminal signals, so I hope to see even more fruit lovingly portrayed on canvas.

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