Madeline Shores

Food Editor

Madeline has been such a force of nature around here that we’ve made her the food editor. Fear her. A not-so-recent college grad, Madeline is living the fast and sexy life with a passion for food, photography, and all things ridiculous. When not keeping things sane and organized around here, she works as an administrative assistant, freelance writer and whatever else she can get her hands on. Madeline gets antsy staying in one place for too long, so she travels around the country to visit friends, observe ways of life and eat everything (and anything) along the way.

When she isn’t traveling, Madeline can be found blogging at Endless Simmer, gallivanting with Jennifer and Chef Mark or watching reality TV. One of her favorite foods is cheese, and she grew up eating cheese for breakfast (along with other things) with her Armenian grandparents. She doesn’t understand why Americans eat cereal.