Love Potion: Family Edition

Love Potion: Family Edition

Petite but strong, the sweet raspberry notes come to the forefront in this martini-style whiskey cocktail. Amaretto, the Italian liqueur of love, then appears while vanilla comforts like a family’s love. The delicate port sipper delivers the Love Potion: Family Edition. Enjoy the warm embrace of the golden hue with your loved ones by the fireplace.

1 serving


5 teaspoons raspberry liqueur
3 teaspoons Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey
3 teaspoons vanilla-flavored vodka
1 teaspoon Amaretto di Saronno
Ceylon (true) cinnamon powder, a dash for garnish (optional for an extra touch)


Mixing jug or glass-half of Boston shaker
Bar spoon
Hawthorn strainer
Port sipper or small martini glassware (3 ounces or less), for service


Chill the glassware and ingredients until ready for use.

Make the cocktail:
Place all the ingredients into the mixing jug, add large pieces of ice, and stir with a bar spoon for about 15 seconds until well chilled. Using the strainer, pour the mixture into the glassware. Add a dash of powdered cinnamon for garnish.

[Mixologist’s notes: For the raspberry liqueur, we use framboise des hautes cotes de Bourgogne, or raspberry cream from the high coast of Burgundy. We also prefer a “true” Ceylon cinnamon powder, which has a more distinct flavor and texture than cheaper varieties. If you prefer to make your own vanilla-flavored vodka, we recommend you macerate it with Pacific Bourbon vanilla.]

Serve immediately.


You could prepare 10 servings in a mixing jug (with a capacity of at least 20-25 ounces), chilled in the fridge well in advance. Each jug could conveniently be used to serve the cocktail directly into the port sippers. Portions per jug are approximately as follows:

8 ounces & 5 1/3 teaspoon raspberry liqueur
4 ounces & 2 2/3 teaspoon Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey
4 ounces & 2 2/3 teaspoon vanilla-flavored vodka
2 ounces & 1 1/3 teaspoon Amaretto di Saronno

Recipe and photo by Damian Sim


Legend has it that the great lover Casanova had a dozen fresh oysters everyday, a creature of great sexual agility and prowess. Worth its weight in gold during Roman times, it was also the vessel upon which Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, was born. This has inspired one of the elements – Amaretto di Saronno, the romantic Italian almond liqueur with a love story behind its creation.

Since January’s theme will include Port, the famous fortified wine from Portugal, we’ve included a forecast of it here. Amidst a harsh and arid landscape, out of which only a small part has seen successful cultivation, this is truly a wine born out of adversity. Through good times and bad, the festive seasons are also times to celebrate another kind of love – family.

Love Potion: Family Edition, characterized by raspberries in a stiff mix, is presented in a delicate port sipper glassware. The idea for the use of the luxurious berries as one of the leading flavors arose from it been one of the items that pairs well with port. The comfort and warmth of the vanilla and whiskey completes the dreamy little concoction, with the sweet embrace of a golden hue, like snuggling by the fireplace.