by Jennifer Iannolo

Well, I’m in the land of silicone and suntans, but alas there is no sun; I seem to have brought the gray, cold New York weather with me. Nonetheless, I’m enjoying the sight of the beach and the sound of surf (as if work allows me to get anywhere near either). Last night, because I simply had to, I put my toes in the California sand.

Today I’m off to Beverly Hills for a bit of R&R, as I’ve been in meetings for two solid days with barely a break, so I’m going to pretend I’m filthy rich and lick the windows on Rodeo Drive. Tomorrow I’m meeting up with Steve Wasser from Gastrologica (heaven help me) for a day of fun and touring of Santa Barbara wine country, so that should leave me with at least a few good tales of mischief.

And tonight, I shall prepare a wonderful meal for friends I don’t get to see often enough, so I can stow the laptop away and put my hands to better use. Ah, cooking….

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