Kelly Cline

Food Pornographer

Kelly Cline used to love being in front of the camera, but found that her passion for being the one to take the pictures was quickly surpassing it. An avid photographer from the age of 8, Kelly was rarely to be found without a camera in hand.

She also had a penchant for cooking, and with her fine art background, she found a creative challenge in crafting plates that exploded with color and flavor. She was, as she says, “a presentation-ist.”

However, it was a dinner guest’s comment that inspired her to specialize in food photography. While swooning over a dish Kelly had created, the guest said, “You need to take a picture of this work of art before we devour it!” A star was born.

Kelly’s gorgeous food shots now grace nearly every page of The Gilded Fork, and continuously receive accolades from the magazine’s readers and food industry professionals. Her work adds a sumptuous depth and richness to the words found here. (Quite a few people have taken to calling her a “food pornographer,” a title she proudly sports despite Jennifer’s eye-rolling.)

More photos can be seen at her online studio-in-progress,, and on her blog, Nommy Nom, We recommend you bring a napkin for the drool. And hey, if you’re in Seattle, you can see Kelly as a correspondent on FOX News.